It’s a good day to be happy. 

After years of dedication to Matcha and a long research for a quality that truly convinced us, Matchasome was born. To ensure the most delicious taste, we source nothing but the best quality. That is why we only have Ceremonial Grade Matcha from a single estate organic farm in Kagoshima, Japan. For this quality, only the first flush harvest is used, which tastes the best and has the highest possible nutritional value. The tencha leaves which are used, are kept in the shade for some time while growing to safeguard the quality. And trust us, you can taste it. Our Matcha is smooth, delicious, and truly uplifting without the slightest traces of bitterness nor astringency. 

Matcha has been around for centuries and was traditionally enjoyed by Zen monks for its valuable medicinal benefits, but also to keep them focused and awake during their long meditation sessions. With great respect for the heritage of Matcha, we honor the Matcha tradition with every sip we take.  
Matcha tea has a high level of L-theanine and amino acids. L-theanine has been shown to affect the release of dopamine and serotonin in the brain. 

“Matcha can truly make you happy. We feel that for sure.”


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