The Matchasome Kit

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The Matchasome Kit

1 x H*PPY Matcha tea (86€/100g)
This is Ceremonial Grade Matcha from a single estate organic JAS-certified farm in Kagoshima, Japan. For this quality only the first flush harvest is used, which has the most delicious taste and the best nutritional value available. The tencha leaves used are kept in the shade for some time while growing to safeguard the quality. And trust us, you can taste it. Our Matcha is smooth, delicious, and truly uplifting. It is full-bodied with a rich taste and flowery aroma and not the slightest traces of bitterness nor astringency.

1x H*PPY Whisk
Bamboo Matcha whisk. An irreplaceable tool to make great Matcha at home. 100 prongs allow for the match powder to be dissolved without any lumps and create that beautiful foamy texture you want. Remember to whisk in zig zag for best results.

1x H*PPY Bowl

A beautiful ceramic Matcha Bowl with a spout which allows perfect whisking and pouring to make your Matcha taste and look good at home - mess free, for your at home Matcha ceremony.

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