Are all these Matcha tea grades confusing you. Us too!
This is what you need to know:
In general, matcha tea from Japan can be divided into three different classes.

  1. Ceremonial Grade Matcha Tea: Matcha tea from the first harvest, grown in the shade, only the top leaves. Bright green with a sweetish note - perfect for matcha fans who want the highest quality.

  2. Premium Grade Matcha Tea: A mix of the first and second harvest or just the second harvest. Slightly less bright and a slightly more bitter taste - very good for mixed drinks.

  3. Culinary Grade Matcha Tea: Rather muddy green, tea comes from the second and third harvest. Tart in taste - perfect for cooking and baking.
Unfortunately, there are no official Matcha tea classes. This is why there are confusing grades circulating on the internet. For example, the classification "Premium Ceremonial Grade". This class has been appearing more and more frequently since matcha tea became a fashion accessory. This is Premium-Grade Matcha, which is a good middle class.
At our matchsome cafés we only use organically certified Ceremonial grade Matcha tea, the highest category in the Matchasphere. We use this grade to ensure the most amazing health benefits and taste.
There is nothing bad about Premium Matcha tea. In fact, we also sell it in our online shop, because it’s a great Matcha for beginners and Matcha Latte enthusiasts.
Regrettably, the Matcha industry lacks standardized regulations, making it imperative for consumers to be informed. Not all Matcha, even Matcha of the same Grade, has got the same quality. Every facet, from the geographical origin of harvesting to cultivation methods, color, nutritional testing, and storage, significantly impacts the quality and overall, Matcha experience.
Most important topics for the highest quality Matcha tea:
  1. L-Theanine Content: L-Theanine, the most vital nutrient in Matcha tea, directly influences its flavor and richness. Higher L-Theanine content results in sweeter, greener, and more nutrient-dense Matcha, offering an unparalleled drinking experience. Our Matcha tea contains a high amount of L-Theanine delivering an astonishingly sweet taste. Our Ceremonial grade Matcha tea is made from first harvest leaves, which contain the highest L-Theanine content. Super important: L-Theanine functions as a mood enhancer.

  2. Matcha Lab Testing Analysis: Our Matcha tea undergoes rigorous testing, ensuring the absence of toxins such as lead. This practice, sadly, is not universal in the industry, primarily due to the high testing fees.

  3. Color and Taste as Quality Indicators: Quality Matcha tea should exhibit a vivid electric green color, a sweet, almost creamy taste, and a noticeable absence of bitterness. Bitterness signifies lower L-Theanine content, often resulting from the use of lower-quality leaves.

  4. 100% Organic Soil in Japan: Our Matcha tea is exclusively grown in organic Japanese volcanic soil. We are organically certified in Japan, Germany and the EU.