Founded by Julia Winkels and Nina Bröer in the summer of 2022, matchasome was born out of sheer desperation. Living in Germany, finding a good cup of matcha seemed like a daunting task, even in the heart of Berlin. Since then, the duos idea of making delicious matcha readily available in cities all over Germany has grown into their passion project—in fact, something much more.


Julia has been consuming matcha for nearly ten years on a daily basis; she can rightfully and humbly call herself a matcha connoisseur. During her matcha journey, she has developed a palate to distinguish between high and lower grade matcha. She learned about the various determining factors of good quality matcha, not only in terms of taste but also its health benefits. 


Nina spent the past 15 years in New York, arguably the epicenter of culinary innovation and discovery. Consequently, it was not difficult for her to find good matcha drinks, which she had fell in love with, anywhere she went—until she moved back to Germany.


Friends since childhood, Julia and Nina’s closeness reached new levels when their shared ritual became discussing and researching all things matcha: its aroma, umami flavor, vibrant green color, particle size, origins, antioxidants, amino acids, and other numerous nutritional benefits. Simply said, matchasome is the brainchild of two passionate matcha lovers. 


Matchasome’s aim is to offer the best, healthiest and tastiest matcha we could find in Japan right here in Europe. Our deep interest in nutrition, conscious lifestyle, design, pop culture, and innovation in the food sector is at the heart of matchasome. Today, our various matcha drinks can be enjoyed at our cafés located in cities such as Berlin, Munich and Stuttgart. Of course, our wonderful matcha can be prepared at home as well. 


Matcha brings smiles to our faces and brightens up our days—we hope our matcha makes you happy too!