Signature Happy Matcha - Matcha Latte Recipe

  1. Pour 2-3g Matcha (about 1 ts), into a bowl. It’s best to use a sieve so that the Matcha can dissolve particularly finely
  2. Pour in 30ml of hot, but not boiling water (80C would be perfect)
  3. Stir until frothy with our Happy Matcha whisk until the Matcha is completely lump-free
  4. Pour in your choice of milk (200ml-300ml, depending on the desired intensity of the Matcha) or traditionally with water


We always add the Matcha-water mix to the milk at the very end, similar to an espresso shot. This has the advantage that the Matcha mixes very slowly with the milk and creates a beautiful marbling. We are often asked whether this makes a difference to the taste. No - it doesn't, but as we all know, you eat with your eyes.